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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  September 8, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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we begin with howard bernstein's hopefully wonderful forecast. >> warm wednesday. >> we are all about ill it will rations. >> just for another second seconds. >> cut that out. >> a front is on the way. clouds this morning and a breeze from the south kept temperatures up in the 70s. you can see the showers pushing through pennsylvania and west virginia. been a little lightning and thunder in pennsylvania this morning and it's breaking up, though and we need more appreciable rains than this around here but we will take any drops we can get. 77 reagan national. reston this morning you are 71.
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leesburg 74, manassas 73. the day at a glance, cloudy, mostly cloudy skies, 80ish around 9:00. partly sunny at noon. 5:00 p.m. 88. watch out the winds today out of the west 10 to 20. good morning. hope you are off to a great start. just waking up to a water main break. repairs going on 410 where it meets the bw parkway and losing lanes in both directions so use caution if you are heading this way. we want to take you to 95 southbound in more where we have construction going on. taking away two lanes here at 216. 270 southbound you are doing fine out of frederick making your way to the spur. as we take a live shot here, nice and quiet live shot at 121. 395 all clear from the beltway to the 14th street bridge and 95 in virginia looking at a one hour commute from fredericksburg to the mixing bowl. back to you. >> a commuter alert for drivers in the tysons corner area.
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you will find new traffic patterns on route 7. the laness have shift. you can only turn left at intersections with traffic signals. you can fiend out more on the work on the where you live section of our website. click on change and choose the mclean neighborhood. the waiting game continues in prince georges county this morning where a wanted man is holding police at bay. it started around 2:00 this morning when prince georges county authorities tried to stop the man wanted by dc police. they say that man took off and hid inside of a home in the 8100 bob of neville place in forest heights. it is not clear if the suspect is armed or home alisten. we are following the story and we will bring you more information as it is available amount man found inside of his
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burning apartment could face charges later today. someone called police after the man threatened to harm itself. when authorities arrived at the 300 block of 56th street northeast they found smoke coming out of an apartment building. everyone got out safely. a s.w.a.t. team surrounded the building as a precaution. the unidentified man is being treated for burns at a nearby hospital. we should know later today if religious holiday decorations will be allowed on the grounds of a courthouse in loudoun county. 100 people turned out at the government center last night. the issue, a courthouse grounds committee recommendation to remove all religious displays from the courthouse greens. people for and against the recommendation addressed the board of supervisors. >> last year the board voted to overturn the grounds committee an allow these displays to go forward, and we applauded them for that decision. >> we're not persecuting
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anybody. we are just looking out for the separation of church and state. ironically the atheist community supports the muslims building two blocks from the world trade center site. >> reporter: the board is expected to render the decision this morning and we will tell you how it turned out on 9 news knew at noon. despite warnings from the white house and military leaders a florida minister says he is still planning to burn copies of the koran on september 11th. the act could put american troops at greater risk. >> secretary of state hillary clinton is just the latest official to lash out at pastor terry jones. >> i'm heartened by the clear, unequivocal condemnation of this disrespectful, disgraceful act. >> reporter: the florida teacher has sparked worldwide controversy over his plans to publicly burn the muslim hole
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holy book on september 11th. >> we are dealing with the radical islam they have no problem burning the flag and the bible. >> reporter: outrage is already erupted in afghanistan and the top u.s. military general in the country, general petraeus fears american soldiers will end up paying the price. still jones doesn't believe he should be held accountable. >> we're not pulling the trigger. we're not the one doing it. i think the finger should be pointed at them. >> reporter: religious leaders of all faiths pressure joans to back off and call for an end to what they say is a growing anti- muslim sentiment across america. >> i say you bring dishonor to the name of jesus christ. >> reporter: despite the sharp criticism and more than 100 death threats, jones insists he will go ahead with his plans, although he continues to pray about his final decision. >> the only thing that can cause us to change our mind is
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if we fell a deep conviction we fell like god really wanted us not to do it. >> reporter: but the government is still holding out hope that between now and saturday americans will stand up and condemn the church's plan. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. what do you think? we want to know. log on to and vote in our web poll right on our home page. president obama will mark the ninth anniversary of the september 11th attacks at the pentagon. vice president joe biden will travel to ground zero in new york and first lady michelle obama will join former first lady laura bush in pennsylvania for ceremonies at the crash site of united flight 93 on saturday. students at the university of maryland are hoping police can catch the crooks behind two brazen armed robberies near campus. it's the latest in a rash of off campus crime that has then university community on edge.
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the crimes happened within ten minutes of each other. around 10:30 two men robbed a post faculty graduate. we spoke to the couple but they didn't want to show their faces on camera. >> one of the men put a gun on my head. >> this is almost -- so many robberies have happened. they should do something. >> reporter: moments later and a [away, someone held a group of students at gun point along a bike path. they offer a night time ride service but it doesn't cover off campus neighborhood and police don't have jurisdiction there. prince georges county police are lead agency investigating the incidents. we could learn as early as today how a woman found inside of a burning apartment died. police found her body in the apartment in the 8,000 block of major lane in columbia on
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tuesday. they say she suffered injuries to her body and she did not die because of the fire. they also found a man inside of the apartment who had been critically hurt. emergency crews took him to the hospital. the names of the victims have not been released. we all know texting behind the wheel is dangerous, and also illegal in some areas but apparently it's not a good idea to text while in court. a judge sentenced 18-year-old jones from baltimore to a month in jail for doing just that. it started in january when a deputy sheriff asked him to stop texting in a courtroom in annapolis. the men got in to a scuffle and the officer wound up with a broken leg. an eyesore of dilapidated navy yard structures has been transformed in to a new river front park. mayor fenty and dc delegate eleanor holmes norton celebrated the grand opening of the yards park on tuesday. it is located at third street
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southeast. in addition to green space for outdoor activities new are retail retail and office developments are going up in the area. it appears one industry is recession proof. 76 degrees and you are watching 9 news now. down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet? (announcer) new icy hot power gel. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. new icy hot power gel.
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don't mess around with pain.
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good morning. we are free flowing traveling a 0 from the eastern shore to washington. it's angie with a look at the conditions on the roads coming up. jessica doyle is back with the "living $mart" headlines. we will have to see if new economic data out this morning is strong enough to distract investors from their worries. stocks closed lower on new concerns over europe's market.
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the dow dropped 307 points yesterday. the nasdaq off 25 and the s&p down by 12. many investors have pulled out of the stock market recently and ahead of the securities and exchange commission they think it could have something to do with the flash crash last may. that's when the dow dropped 1,000 points. the sec chief says the turbulence may have driven investors away. many are buying gold instead of stocks and it pushed it to a new high. the recession has not cut in to the tobacco industry. shrewd marketing campaigns by the cigarette companies have overwhelmed the government's antismoking campaign. one in five adults smoked regularly last year and that's the same rate as the year before. it comes after 30 years of decline for that smoking rate in america. >> amazing. thank you. >> our time is 4:43. when the news continues, that massive wildfire in colorado has doubled in size in just 24
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hours and now the governor declared a state of emergency. we have our own fire weather watch in affect. we will talk about why that is happening and cooler temperatures are heading this way the wednesday forecast when 9 news now returns.
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welcome back to 9 news now. wildfires in colorado have destroyed 100 homes and buildings as crews work to put out the blaze. state and federal officials are joining hundreds of firefighters on the grown to help contain the fire. candace gibson has more on the battle against colorado's worst wildfire in 20 years. >> reporter: ten care tanker and helicopters dropped retardant from above. part of the intensive effort to control the 7,000-acre fire that's still spreading. >> first of all, pray for rain. that would be helpful. okay. what it will take, hopefully, is higher humidities and calmer winds and a very large effort.
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>> reporter: the flames are burned dozens of homes in the boulder foothills. >> came up and over the ridge. took out the house on top of the ridge. took out the house next to us and ours was third to go. >> a wall of fire. >> reporter: more than 1,000 people have evacuated, although a dozen refuse to leave. the fire started on monday, possibly when a car crashed in to a propane tank and exploded. in less than 36 hours this has become the worst fire in boulder in decades. fire crews are coming here hoping more manpower will help this from getting bigger. >> reporter: the fire is taking a toll on firefighters at least nine firefighters while actively fighting the fire lost their homes and that's a testament to the commitment, bravery and dedication of the folks. >> reporter: so far there are no injuries or deaths the governor declared a state of
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emergency and put up a million dollars to help fight the fire. cbs news, boulder, colorado. i'm in the weather center with howard. we need rain here because we have our own fire danger. >> yes. we are talk about it. we have a red area up in philadelphia. that's a red flag warning. that's a combination today where we have gusty winds and low humidity levels and pretty dry. so you have some fuel at the ground level, and we get any fires to start today they could spread easily, especially when you consider we are looking at winds gusting over 20 miles an hour at times today. the bus stop forecast for this wednesday morning, mostly cloudy and mild. there could be an isolated shower or two. we will look at that in a moment. temperatures in the 70s. sun is coming up at 6:43 this morning. today, clouds this morning. 80ish by 9:00. 87 at noon.
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88 5:00 p.m. a little breezy, especially this afternoon. that's one reason we have that fire weather watch. currently 76 and code yellow on the air quality. clearing skies tonight. it will be cooler than this morning. in the 50s to low 80s in town. winds from the northwest lighter overnight five to ten. the sunset 7:28. for thursday, we are looking sunny, breezy and pleasant with highs in the upper 70s. really dry air tomorrow as well and northwesterly winds 10 to 15 miles an hour. we have been watching overnight a cold front pushing through new york and pennsylvania. a lot more action up north and south but you see here broken showers in west virginia back through kentucky and tennessee. zooming in a little bit for you. i want to show you the showers that are moving east northeast. getting a little bit of rain. light rain showers trying to come in to northern frederick county, virginia there. cross junction, maybe to harpers ferry and back in west virginia trying, trying to cross in to the commonwealth.
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we are seeing some of that. in the metro, that stuff, that stuff may have a tough time holding together. fit does hold together give it two to three hours. 7:00, 8:00 we could have a passing shower but not expecting much with this front. temperatures in the 70s right now. mid-70s on the bay, southern maryland, manassas 72, winchester is 77. cumberland is 79. 77 cambridge this morning and we are looking at national airport reporting mostly cloudy skies and 78. south winds at 11 and dew point up to 64. a touch of humidity in the air. we are watching as the front pushes through here. we are talking about hermine in texas. it is spinning here. all the rains in knot central texas. the moisture will move east but the front is bringing us more in the way of cooler, drier air as we head in to tomorrow and friday and the front will continue to push through us without much fanfare expected and you will enjoy the air mass coming in. as far as the seven-day
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forecast, how about the weekend? it is going to warm up from the 70s, mid-70s on friday to the upper 70s and actually 80s on saturday. saturday looks nice. sunday here's another system. some showers an, only 80. right now they should be out of here in time for the redskins game and nice on monday and tuesday. it is 4:50. happy wednesday. >> back at you, howard. we are waking up with one boo- boo on the map. it is actually a water main break on 410 at 295. we know only the right lane of traffic is getting by in both directions. give the crews the room they need. the outer loop we go. we are in great flame 95 to 270. returning to the maps, route 4, route 5, 301, looks like all of these roads are clear on this wednesday. inbound new york avenue tracking this trip as well and looks like we are moving at speed from the washington times building to the third street
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tunnel. an we wrap up with 66 in virginia heading eastbound noance incidents out of manassas to inside the beltway. the next 15 minutes or so traveling 495 southbound you are not going to be able to access 66. the ramp is currently closed. put down the spoon. a surprise finding tops the health alert. losing weight may have a down side. a study found when people drop pounds they release pollutants in to their blood. the compounds are normally stored in fatty tissue but released when fat breaks down. it is believed they can increase in the risk of certain diseases, including diabetes and heart disease, but more research is needed to confirm that. and what's inside of a cockroach's head may be able to save humans from deadly bacteria. during lab tests, scientists found tissue from inside of the brains of cockroaches can kill
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the staph infection mrsa and e. coli. they will see if antibiotics can be developed from the tissue to treat people. we focus on the mysterious signs of multiple sclerosis or ms. this condition is tough to diagnose because flare-ups can happen years apart. as anita brickman reports patients may soon be offered a new pill just in case they have the disease. >> it was awful not knowing what the diagnosis really was. >> reporter: doctors couldn't tell nancy exactly why she was having such trouble walking. the notion was she was dealing with early multiple sclerosis but until they were sure they called it possible ms. >> there is not much we can do for you but we will assume it is ms and go from there. >> reporter: without a confirmed diagnosis, there are no standard treatment options. >> you don't want to use an aggressive therapy in someone where initial symptoms but very little findings on their mri
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and a normal exam. >> reporter: that's why researchers at stony brook medical center are testing a less potent drug therapy. >> this is one of several agents that belong in that category. >> reporter: it will compare the pill to a placebo to see if patients with ms benefit. >> it is in the study phase and each pen is studied two years and we see what happens. >> a previous study is encouraging. when it was added disease activity in the brain went down. >> whether or not the combination was better than copa -- at alone or whether it was driven by the other we don't know. >> about 10,000 new cases of ms are diagnosed this year and the sooner treatment is started the better. but if the diagnosis is murky, that's where the new oral
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medication may play an important role. to find out more, go to there's a link on our living well health page. our time is 4:54. next, when our news continues, more proof that you can find just about anything, even beer. it's not heart smart but it was a big draw at a fair in texas. . this is power with efficiency. this is an interior that exceeds even the promise of the exterior. this is the all-new jaguar xj. the stunning result of taking a very different road.
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(announcer) new icy hot power gel. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. new icy hot power gel. don't mess around with pain. welcome back to 9 news now. in memphis, tennessee, a $40,000 engagement ring went down the drain literally. it is all the cat's fault. yes, blame the animal.
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anily weds diane and karl say they left their rings in the bath ram for a second but that's all it took for their cat, named jinxy to sneak in and knock their wedding rings plus the four carat engagement ring down the toilet. >> i knew what happened. the cat plays all the time, jumps up and knocks stuff off and he knocked it off in to the toilet. >> it cost $900 to get the rings back but they were glad to pay it and there it is. one of the highlights of the state fair of texas is the food. each year unique fried food creations created a quite a buzz and this is no exception. competitors turned up the heat and the creativity this year. selena hernandez tells us which got top prizes this year. >> reporter: this is a culinary cookoff leak no other. >> the fact you can take a pop
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tart, batter it, put chocolate and whipped cream on it. it has a little bit of everything we love. >> reporter: here if it isn't fried it is not worthy of the most coveted prize, the big tex bobblehead trophy. >> i have done all i can do. if they don't like it, they don't like it. >> reporter: there is the oprah fried salad. >> she said i this think i will be eating salad the rest of the week and i said, okay, then i will fry it. >> how about fried chocolate. >> we are sampling the fried margarita. it was a favorite among the judges. >> reporter: by far the most talked about featured fried food at this contest, fried beer. >> cheers. >> reporter: despite my bitter beer face, the creator was able to top in to the top spot. >> the most creative new fried
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food is fried beer from mark zable. >> to be recognized lake that is fantastic. win of the things i have wanted. >> an best tasting goes to -- >> texas fried frito pie for the byrd family. >> a busy fair. >> absolutely. long lines and people going oh my goodness. >> all the time. >> reporter: a potential fortune fried hundred in the making. >> we are salivating here. >> you are salivating talking about this. >> thank you for watching 9 news now at 5:00 a.m. angie goff will have the traffic in a moment. howard bernstein has a quick look at the forecast. >> watching a couple of showers in west virginia trying to sneak in to virginia. we will take the rain. we sure need it. farmers are being battered by the summer heat and lack of rain we have had and another dry spell underway right now. on the weather computer we


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